Rail Patches: Love them or Hate them

Rail patches , one kind or another, have been experimented with by many board glassers. Different composite materials have been tested and one thing is for sure: many of them are to stiff and/or to strong. This can create buckles or stress areas where the materials start/end. Unlike carbon fiber, Gridloxs is easy to cut and keep symetrical. Miller Surfboards spent alot of time trying to overcome the cosmetic issues carbon fiber presents along with the stress risers problems. After trying a variety of different patch materials Gridloxs was the best of both worlds. Gridloxs has a unique look along with a wider patch style that is ment to have your toes on the patch verse right on the edge of the patch. This helps elimnate the stress cracking on the edges of the patches.

Gridlox is: Nylon mesh grid pattern Compatible with epoxy or polyester resin.


* Pre cut for production lamanations

* Simliar strength to 4oz cloth reduces the buckle issues carbon fiber patches create.

* Patches continue to bottom of the rail.

* Easy cut, no fray, lightweight.

* Wets out under 2 layers of glass.

* No ridge bump where patches are.

* Bonds to Epoxy or Poly.

* Grid patterns help trap spider cracks (similar to how laminate safety glass confines glass shatters).

* Has a unique look that also has a functional purpose.